Friday, April 24, 2009

I Have Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Sue of Sues Designz!
8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:-
1. The warmer weather
2. Going to the beach
3. Picnics
4. Vacationing trips
6. School to be over for the summer
7. My daughters return home
8. Having grandchildren
8 Things I Did Yesterday:-
1. Made some tags
2. Took my son to the Drs.
3. Worked in my group
4. Helped my daughter pack
5. Went shopping
6. Cleaned house
7. Took a walk
8. Watched television
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:-
1. Have more energy!
2. Take a trip to Europe
3. Move south.
4. Rescue more stray cats
5. Have more hours in a day
6. Win the lottery!
7. Go to school for Interior Design
8. Make the world a better place for my kids.
8 Things or Shows I Watch:-
1. Food Network~all shows
2. Cities of the Underworld
3. Monster Quest
4. Ghost Hunters
5. Paranormal State
6. Seinfeld
7. King of Queens
8 No Reservations
8 People I Tag:-
I will get back to you on the rest when I find